MIFAL INC Instrumental Departments    

String Department

Music Instruction For All Learners, Inc. Has taken the last couple of years to pioneer its strings department.  We started off with one student, Rachel Harris, and now have three and growing.  Our head strings instructor, Mr. Wang Liang, AKA "Mr. Leon" a graduate of Peabody, located in Baltimore, MD, has been working diligently with our students and we've seen great growth and improvement in all our students within the past year.  

The educational philosophy of the MIFAL INC String Department is rooted in the belief that young musicians can best develop their artistic potential in a supportive, non-judgmental and motivating musical environment. We are committed to helping our students develop a solid technical and musical foundation at every level as they develop the discipline and love for music. We provide comprehensive training for gifted young artists preparing for a career in music as well as offering lessons to those for whom music enriches their main pursuits. We aim to support each child’s unique path and our hope is that all our students will derive meaning from their relationship with music throughout their lives.  

Piano Department

The Piano instructors at MIFAL INC have over 50 years of experience with instructing piano.  Mr. O. Q. Johnson has been instructing students in piano since the age of 18 and he's still going strong.  With a BA in Music from Temple University, located in Philadelphia, he brings a plethora of information to each student.  With each keyboarding instruction comes great wisdom that leads to great students.  

Discover Your Voice

As a piano student, you'll be given the tools and knowledge to find your own voice by working with faculty at the forefront of the instrument.

What Will I Learn?

  • synthesize and integrate the knowledge of posture, hand position, and instrumental technique into daily practice routine;

  • demonstrate technical proficiency on the principal instrument, as evidenced by touch, phrasing, and fingering;

  • play a wide variety of contemporary and traditional styles;

  • read conventional and chord-symbol (lead sheet) notation;

  • play alone and in ensembles of varying size, instrumentation, and stylistic orientation;