MIFAL Jr. Instructor's


Rachel Harris

MIFAL Arts Academy

Honorary Dance Instructor 

Music Instruction For All Learners, Inc. would like to introduce our new program.  We've started a program where students who've shown extraordinary ability in the discipline of music, along with continuous studying of their instrument, and keeping an "A" average in school the ability to instruct other students.  Our goal is to facilitate them as they are learning the art of instructing.  The idea is to aid students to learn from each other as we're instructing them.  


Please help us reintroduce Rachel Harris of Pikesville, MD as she has become MIFAL INC and MIFAL Arts Academy's first Honorary Dance Instructor.  Rachel graduated Milford Mill Academy with a 4.0 GPA and was the class of 2021 Valedictorian.  She's now moving on to study dance at Nova Southeastern University in Florida.  We are truly proud to have her on and continue as our first Honorary Dance Instructor.   


Laila Hood is a 14-year-old 9th grader. She is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter. From a young age, Laila was dedicated to making learning fun and accessible for everyone. One way she does that is by supporting others with their technology projects. At school, She is very passionate about diversity and is active in the educator recruitment process. At her church, Laila is actively involved in youth ministry with her parents. One of her goals is to open a community center with performing arts and career development for youth.

Please help MIFAL INC, and MIFAL Arts Academy welcome our new peer talent to our family.  Continue being great Laila, we're here to watch you shine.  

Laila Hood 

MIFAL Arts Academy

Jr. IT Personnel

Email: laila@mifalaa.org