Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Introduction Program    

Music Instruction for All Learners, Inc. nurtures the creativity, artistry, and scholarship of students and faculty; educates students to achieve excellence as performers, composers, and scholars; and enriches the education of all students through the study and practice of music. The historic and continuing commitment of Music Instruction For All Learners, Inc. infuses a fundamental commitment to the teaching of comprehensive musicianship into all aspects of the curriculum.  The School provides opportunities to understand, participate in, and enjoy music. It has a responsibility for fulfilling this mission, not only for the citizens of Baltimore, MD, but also for its constituency regionally, nationally, and someday internationally.

  Basic Program    

Our program is very simple.  If you're learning to play an instrument, learning to sing, or even learning how to write music, all of our students learn to play the piano.  Because we've learned that if you know the basics of playing the piano first, learning anything else will be fun and very entertaining.

  Yearly Program    

Throughout the year our students are taking instruction from our well-trained instructors, and they pass that information to our students with extensive instructor-student interaction.  We have two recitals each year to showcase what each student has learned through both individual and group performances.  

  Custom Program   

We're currently working on a special program for students with special gifts when it comes to music.  Please contact us, and we'll give you more information as we're developing it.