Spiritual Covering for MIFAL


Apostle Erica J. Stanley, Pastor

Spiritual Covering for MIFAL

Erica J. Stanley, born in Boston, Massachusetts, is the oldest of three siblings. She is the mother of one son, Jamari Stanley-Jones and one spiritual daughter, Kiev and spiritual granddaughter Kelaysha “Kay-Kay” Williams. In 2005, Elder Stanley received her degree in Biblical Studies from Bethel Seminary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since December 2005, Ms. Stanley has been the Coordinator of The S + C Department of Project PLASE, Inc., which provides permanent housing and support to over 100 families, each headed by a disabled, formerly homeless individual in Baltimore City.


As coordinator for the shelter plus care program, Ms. Stanley is very compassionate inspiring and provides life-changing service to the less fortunate. Motivated by faith and energized by purpose she devotes her personal and professional life to helping others. She served as lead for the team that placed a record number of 300 homeless individuals and families in permanent housing in a record amount of time.

In 2010, Ms. Stanley was honored with the "Judge Robert Bell" award from Sojourner Douglass College for doing great work in the community. Also in 2010, in addition to the many hats she wears, Ms. Stanley became the Pastor and Founder of Masterpiece Community Connection Ministries (MCCM) in Baltimore, Maryland. MCCM started out as a holistic outreach resource ministry but in February 2011 MCCM opened its doors as a church. MCCM's focus is to give love to the total man by providing prayer, the word of God, as well as food for the spiritual and natural body; that helps families to be equally balanced in life. In January 2013 Ms. Stanley received a calling from the Lord to minister to women of all ages from a holistic approach. From this calling, “The Heart of a Woman is in the Hand of a King” ministry was birthed.


Ms. Stanley has been a tireless advocate for the homeless, the less fortunate and young people. She speaks on behalf of those who have no voice and teaches them to advocate for themselves. Clearly, a pillar of the community, Ms. Stanley’s faith, humor, and consistent good cheer has enriched our community and encourage all of us to use our time, talent and treasures to build a better world.


Regardless of how she serves, Ms. Stanley is always sharing a message of hope, encouragement and a message of God's Love.